Super Stainless S31254 254SMo F44

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Chemical Composition:
Physical Performance:
Heat TreatmentT*SY*SEl
Rm N/mm2RP0.2N/mm2A5 %


The application fields of 254SMO:

254SMO alloy is a versatile material, can be applied in many industrial fields:

Petroleum, petrochemical equipment, such as corrugated pipe in petrochemical equipment.

Flue gas desulfurization unit power plant,main parts: absorption tower, flue, stall door,inner parts, spray system tower etc..

The sea water or system, such as power plant with thin wall condensation pipe, cooling sea waterdesalination processing

equipment, not even in the water may flow device can also be used.

The desalination industry, such as salt or salt removal equipment.

The desalination industry, such as salt or salt removal equipment.

Heat exchanger, especially in the heat exchanger of chloride ion in the work environment.



All Wenzhou Taixin Stainless Steel's  products are packed, stored, transported according to the international regulation. The products are wrapped with anti-rust paper and steel rings to prevent damage. Identification labels are tagged according to standard specification or customer's instructions. Special packing is available as per customer's requirement.Ply wooden box are available for special protection. Other kinds of packing can be offered if request.