Stainless Steel Welded Tube

  • Welded tube and pipe-004

  • Stainless steel welded tube and pipe are widely used in decoration pipe, oil tube, furniture and mechanical part and many other industries!

  • The ISO 9001 system ensure the good quality and good surface!

Stainless steel welded tube and pipe belong to  the star product of  Wenzhou Taixin Stainless Steel Co.,Limited.

Wenzhou Taixin Stainless Steel Co.,Limited cooperate with many world class famous corporation like Toyota, Germany car industry on stainless steel welded tubes.





Others:2205,2507,2906,330,660,630,631,17-4ph,17-7 ph, S31803904L,etc  


Outer diameter: 6mm to 1200mm

Wall thickness: 0.3 to 30.0mm

Length: 1~12m (according to request)

Surface:180grit,400grit,600grit , hairline, satin and mirror Sanitary grade,Food grade, polished both sides

There are several types of stainless steel welded tube/pipe.

1.)Decoration Tube: 

This kind tube is the most common tube and widely used in the daily life like construction,decoration.

This tube usually of low technical requirement,only a high requirement about the ot surface like 400 grit,600 grit and mirror finish.

2.)Sanitary Tube/Pipe:

This Tube/Pipe usually used in the food industry,chemicals, food containers,Fluid transports.

This Tube requires high quality on both inside and out side surfaces

3.)Motor use Tube/Pipe

This Tube/Pipe used in machinery,motors. Usually have a high requirement about the physical properties..It has a high requirement about the hardness,bendingness..



Each tube in plastic bag with size label outside, about 500 to 100kg in one bundle and applied to  plastic poly-bag in bundles or wooden case. 

All our products are packed, stored, transported according to the international regulation.


The tubes are  wrapped with anti-rust paper and steel rings to prevent damage. Identification labels are tagged according to standard specification or customer's instructions. Special packing is available as per customer's requirement.Ply wooden box are available for special protection. Other kinds of packing can be offered if request.